For Hiring

$2,500 /per role
  • Define the qualities your job needs
  • Have all candidates take the TRAITS survey
  • Screen candidates against the job model and rank them according to fit
  • Talk to our consultant to get more insight into your short list
  • Hire the right person and save time and money
  • 30 days access

For Teams

$450/per person
  • Team member(s) completes TRAITS survey
  • TRAITS provides you with your results
  • Review results with TRAITS Consultant
  • Contact us for Team debrief options

Enterprise Solutions

request pricing
  • Annual licensing
  • Access to your own TRAITS web page and database
  • Sign up for Facilitator and Management training
  • Run your own TRAITS surveys
  • Build a database of job models
  • Hire, align, motivate, develop and promote the right people

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